Client Post-Acquisition Management

Entrepreneurs and their marketing/sales teams spend a lot of time signing up new clients. Sophisticated companies have a well thought out plan and process for reaching new clients.

But what happens after the clients have been acquired, other than providing them products or services?

Do you have a post-acquisition process to manage these clients into your systems and organization? Obtaining a client is merely the first step.

Just as a new employee goes through an orientation process to rapidly onboard him/her in the company, a client has to be similarly managed into the organization. A well-defined process to onboard new clients is critical in obtaining continued business. The first impression a client forms has to be positive and outstanding; that can only happen if there is an active program to orient the client as to how you do business. The easier you transition new clients into your company and make them feel comfortable, the more likely is their satisfaction.

Just as you properly focus on obtaining new clients, have a similar dedication for post-acquisition management of  new clients. Do the Right Things!

Ravi Patel