Being Successful


Entrepreneurs get into business to be their own boss and make money. Most of them want to be successful. Is that an unreasonable expectation or goal?

Success has to come to you; you shouldn’t be seeking success!

Success is a journey, not a destination. – Ralph Arbitelle

Being successful is process of achieving your Mission and Vision. One needs to first work on the specific, established, periodic goals of a business and accomplish those well. Meeting goals is a more reasonable short-term objective; while fulfilling your Mission and achieving your Vision are the proper long-term areas of focus.

If you do all that, success is a natural process; you don’t have to seek or strive for it.

Ravi Patel


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Are You a Good Manager?

There are numerous books and articles about management and how to be a good manager. Different authors focus on each aspect of management and discuss skills to master these areas.

Here is my take – Good management is making it easier for employees to perform their jobs to achieve the established goals.

It is the manager’s job to make his/her employees successful. A good manager works on eliminating obstacles that impede their employees from reaching their goals and providing the required resources and tools.

Poor managers bent on too much control, in fact, create obstacles for their employees. They create processes that make the jobs of their employees more complicated and difficult.

Which manager should you be?

Ravi Patel

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Fix it Even If It Ain’t Broke!

You must be surprised at the twist on the popular saying. The normal convention is that if things are not broken, do not fix them. People don’t like change.

Well, challenge the norm!

If things are not broken, they might also be status quo. Don’t live with such a situation, rather find ways to improve the status quo. Commit to continuous improvement to create a high quality company.

When things are slow, review things that are not broken with an eye to make them better. It may serve you well when activity picks up and you might not have time then to review your operations.

Ravi Patel

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Communications for Meaningful Action

Have you heard someone complain that their employees don’t seem to be following directions too well? Those people gripe that they tell their people what to do, but it doesn’t seem to happen.

To obtain employee buy-in and meaningful action, Entrepreneurs might want to communicate to their people why they need do things instead of what they should do.

When you tell people what to do, they generally might follow your directions without understanding their mission. If they are going on the wrong path, they might not even be aware of it since they are merely following instructions.

Instead, coaching employees why they are supposed to do certain tasks sets the objective or  goal for them. It makes it easier for them to figure out what to do to get there as they are usually closer to the action. They might even find a better way to do things than you could have told them. Even if they require guidance on what to do, it is based on a specific objective.

For meaningful action, it is better to direct employees as to why things have to be done rather than what to do.

Ravi Patel