Managing Change

Successful companies grow by changing with reality and situational needs. Being stuck in the same rut doesn’t help anyone.

However, Entrepreneurs can’t force change upon their employees. They need to first create conditions where employees are willing to accept change. Managing change effectively is necessary for its successful implementation.

The first step is to involve the people affected by the change in the process. Don’t force change upon people.

Involving people means that the Entrepreneur has to communicate the reasons for the change and genuinely listen to ideas from employees on how best to make it happen.

Employees are closer to the operations and are in a better position to suggest ideas once they are aware of the need for changes. Accepting their ideas gives them a feeling of being part of the process.

Involving people in a positive environment of collaboration will also make the implementation of changes more effective in terms of acceptance, speed and cost.

Manage change well by involving people and creating a positive environment for them to contribute to its success.

Ravi Patel

Doing the Right Things

Entrepreneurs need to focus on doing the right things for growth. In general, who is right should not matter as much as doing what is right.

Could this actually work in practice?

If the Entrepreneur has created a culture of favoritism and is partial to employees whom he/she likes, then who is right will take precedence. Employees will try to prove they are right to win favors with the Entrepreneur and might even try to put others down. Not a healthy environment for growth!

On the other hand, if the Entrepreneur has established a culture of teamwork, sharing and continuous improvement, then doing what is right will prevail. There will be more emphasis on doing the proper things for the company rather than establishing who is right. In this case it becomes a win-win situation!

What would Entrepreneurs rather have?

Ravi Patel

Maintaining Composure

Entrepreneurs and leaders often face stressful and chaotic situations. Do you keep your composure in these circumstances? Or not?

Have you watched firefighters, policemen or even bomb diffusers operate in high-stress situations? Their ability to act calmly reassures everyone around them not to panic.

Similarly, leaders who stay calm and keep their cool under chaotic business situations inspire confidence in their employees. Instead of panicking, they all tend to follow their leader and behave productively to resolve the issues. If the leaders lose their cool, who can blame the employees for doing so too?

Great leadership inspires people to do phenomenal things. Calm and cool leadership in volatile situations prevents their followers from panicking or performing irrational acts or even worse inciting riots.

Be a cool leader by maintaining your composure!

Ravi Patel

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