Functional Friction

During a regular staff meeting it appeared that there was a difference of opinion between two departments. A colleague was observing this exchange of arguments and commented that “it is productive to have functional friction.”

Something to ponder.

As I have posted before encouraging healthy conflict in the management team is a good thing. Carrying that thought further, having constructive friction among different functions in your company might also be a good thing.

Functional friction, if channeled correctly, brings about favorable competition among departments to be the best in what they do. It also enables constructive criticism from fellow functions to allow improvement in processes not only for the department, but also the company.

Entrepreneurs need to manage functional friction for positive change in their organizations.

Ravi Patel


Building a Leadership Team

Entrepreneurs do not have the benefit of an experienced, professional, and cohesive senior leadership team.of when they start and grow their companies. In order to expand the company and be successful in the long term, Entrepreneurs must build a capable leadership team.

A proper blend of in-house, on-the-job trained leaders complemented by key, experienced outside professionals (hired over a period), provide the Entrepreneurs the most cost-effective team. Identifying in-house managers and training them to be leaders should be the Entrepreneur’s focus once day-to-day operations have been delegated. Assessing the gaps in leadership, determining the management needs and recruiting appropriate outside leaders becomes the next step.

Having a leadership team in place is not enough. Entrepreneurs continually need to develop teamwork and cohesion to make the executives more effective for the long term. Entrepreneurs should find ways to train, motivate and reward the leadership team in a way that facilitates a group that can successfully grow the company, and allow the Founder/Entrepreneur to pursue other ventures.

Ravi Patel


Resolutions for the New Year

It is the time of the year when we all make resolutions for the New Year. I offer for Entrepreneurs three simple resolutions that I have learned along the way.

Hire Good People– Although obvious, it would tremendously benefit Entrepreneurs to always hire good people. Good people are not necessarily ones who have the best technical skills; but are also team players, have relevant experience, sustained loyalty, great work ethic and values, are quick learners and possess tremendous interpersonal and communication skills.

Make Money – Again, quite obvious. However, Entrepreneurs need to be creative in developing new ways to increase Revenues and curtail or maintain costs. In essence the goal of your business is to make money. How much money you want to make is totally determined by your Financial Targets.

Have Fun– this is the most important resolution you can make. Having fun while running your business should be the goal of each Entrepreneur. If you have fun, your people will enjoy working with you and making money will be a joyful process.

Wish you all the very best in 2011!

Ravi Patel


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