Survival of the Fittest

The law of the jungle is “survival of the fittest.” This law applies to Entrepreneurs also.

Entrepreneurs need to find ways to survive in this economy and business climate. Having the best product or service, superior management, strong processes and so on are not the only things necessary for survival.

Imagine the cheetah – the fastest animal on earth. However if not alert, a lion or other predator will devour the cheetah. Being fast would not help then.

Similar having the best of everything is not enough for Entrepreneurs. Survival requires being alert, adaptive and quick to react to the changing circumstances. Relying on one’s past successes is not adequate for survival in the future.

Being fittest in this environment does not mean being the best. It requires having “street-smarts” to navigate these troubling times.

Are you fit enough to survive?

Ravi Patel


Letting Go

Parents have a difficult time letting their children venture out on their own – from the first play date to leaving home for college.

Entrepreneurs are not so different. When their businesses grow and new management is required or when Entrepreneurs need to move on to other things in life, they have a traumatic time letting go.

The successful Entrepreneurs are the ones who foresee such separations and prepare for such. Hiring the right management team, a capable Board of Directors or Advisors, and trust in their people and processes to continue the Mission of the company allows Entrepreneurs to easily transition away from day-to-day operations of the business.

Have you prepared your company and yourself to let go gracefully?

Ravi Patel


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