Think Strategically

Entrepreneurs like to get their hands dirty and are involved in doing stuff. This is as a result of their expertise, desire and passion.

What happens as their company grows? They cannot be only involved in “doing,” they have to focus on strategy.

An analogy would be that of an entrepreneur who is an expert in building a widget. He/she can spend enough time on developing and building the perfect widget. However, at some point the focus should be on developing a strategy of how to market and sell the widgets, building lots of widgets at a low cost, creating the organization to build and sell widgets, opening new locations, and so on.

Entrepreneurs have to shift their role from “doing” to “strategizing” in order to get to the next level.

Ravi Patel


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Enhancing Customer Service

Customer service differentiates good Entrepreneurs from competition. Are you doing anything to win that war?

A few companies go out of their way to provide excellent service by promoting a phone number to call for live conversations. Others do everything online and make it difficult to really interact with a human person even if it is a live chat.

Most Entrepreneurs realize the value of excellent customer service and attempt to emphasize that in their website and brochures, and employees are instructed to treat customers right.

But, how many Entrepreneurs have adopted providing excellent customer service as one of their strategic objectives? In order to enhance customer service in your organization it has to be treated as a key goal of the company.

Like all other strategic objectives, there should be a specific SMART goal(s) related to customer service with measurable benchmarks and periodic tracking of progress. The management team should come up with ongoing programs to improve customer service and implement them throughout the company.

Entrepreneurs can enhance customer service and beat competition only if they treat it as a strategic goal.

Ravi Patel