Firing Customers!

Should Entrepreneurs fire their customers?

Some might ask what kind of question is that? Why would someone think of letting go their customers?

While the old saying “the customer is always right” might be taken as gospel, it is not necessarily true that all customers are always ideal for your business.

Entrepreneurs might have to be courageous and exercise their leadership by firing some customers. Who are the likely candidates for a firing list?

Customers who are consistently not profitable for your business are not good for the long term. It is acceptable to have lower profits or losses from a customer over a short period for a potential lucrative strategic relationship. However, if the customer over a longer period continues to be a drain on your profitability, it might be time to let them drop off the list.

Chronic complainers, without legitimate reasons, are very difficult to service and cause undue headaches for your employees. Unless the customer has genuine reasons to be dissatisfied, it is not in the best interest of management to service clients that constantly create irrational demands on your staff.

Entrepreneurs need to develop an excellent reputation for service and customer relations, but if need be it is okay to fire certain problem customers.

Ravi Patel