You Can Improve Only What You Measure

Entrepreneurs might have heard this expression before. What does it imply?

As discussed often in this blog, implementing solid business processes is crucial for superior performance and growth. But, how does one know that the processes are continuously improving?

Do you have metrics in place to evaluate how well the processes are functioning? Have you identified and picked the relevant metrics? Are the measurements timely and widely communicated? Do you analyze the results and brainstorm ways to further improve the procedures?

If Entrepreneurs do not have effective measurement systems for their business processes, it will be difficult to analyze and improve your performance.

Ravi Patel


Implement New Ideas

Entrepreneurs might want to make a new year’s resolution.

Building a company focused on continuous improvement, Entrepreneurs have to strive in their organizations the need to constantly evaluate processes and make changes to enhance them.

Related to that Entrepreneurs might want to have a goal of implementing company-wide a new, significant idea periodically, minimally every quarter. Doing so will set an example in your company that you are focused on improving operations and introducing new ideas.

Do the Right Things!

Ravi Patel