Making Good Decisions

Making good decisions is crucial to success.

Good decisions for significant matters should take into account all angles, even arguing from other points of view. Not considering all sides, even one with which you might disagree, might lead to poor decisions. Making the arguments for a case different from their own allows the Entrepreneur to clearly see all sides of an important decision. Arriving at a decision after considering all viewpoints is best when one makes all the arguments as if they are their own.

Entrepreneurs should also evaluate, at least for significant issues, potential unintended consequences of their decisions. Take an example of developing an incentive program. If you have developed a program that correlates high performance with high reward, it is of course your intended consequence. But, what about unintended consequences of employees cheating or manipulating the system to obtain higher compensation? How have you protected the company against such unintended consequences?

When making crucial decisions consider all sides and potential unintended consequences.

Ravi Patel


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Consequences of Inaction

Taking risks involves possibility of failures. Decisions to act on something have consequences. Risk averse people eliminate any adverse ramifications by inaction.

Is doing nothing acceptable for Entrepreneurs? Entrepreneurs start businesses as they are risk takers. For them, passion in an idea overpowers any risk of failure. Doing something in good faith, however difficult, is better than not doing anything at all.

What happens when an Entrepreneur grows the business to a point where he or she feels comfortable. Does doing nothing any more become an option? Are decisions postponed or not made because that might upset the “being comfortable” zone?

True Entrepreneurs will always be leaders and risk takers and as they continue to be innovative. Entrepreneurs who become successful CEOs need to be cautious of inaction on significant issues.

Doing nothing is sometimes worse than doing something in good faith but failing. Do the Right Things!

Ravi Patel