Working Capital Improvement

Entrepreneurs should be and are often focused on cash management in their businesses.

Improving your working capital is a part of overall cash management. Entrepreneurs sometimes focus on receivable collections as a means to improve working capital. While this is a significant component of working capital, Entrepreneurs should broaden their scope.

Improving working capital requires a review of all components of working capital and developing specific plans to improve every item.

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Ravi Patel

Cash Flow Management

I argue that cash flow management is the most critical factor in an Entrepreneur’s ability to successfully grow a business. Yet more often that not, Entrepreneurs react to cash flow problems rather than actively managing this area.

Entrepreneurs need to ask themselves what metrics they are using to monitor cash flow. Are these the appropriate measures? How timely are such metrics?

What type of tools are Entrepreneurs using to manage and more importantly increase the available cash in their business? Are these tools continually refined to make them effective?

Entrepreneurs would be better served to proactively manage their cash flows, or at least monitor this important area if such management is delegated to others in their organization.

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Ravi Patel