Managing Change

Successful companies grow by changing with reality and situational needs. Being stuck in the same rut doesn’t help anyone.

However, Entrepreneurs can’t force change upon their employees. They need to first create conditions where employees are willing to accept change. Managing change effectively is necessary for its successful implementation.

The first step is to involve the people affected by the change in the process. Don’t force change upon people.

Involving people means that the Entrepreneur has to communicate the reasons for the change and genuinely listen to ideas from employees on how best to make it happen.

Employees are closer to the operations and are in a better position to suggest ideas once they are aware of the need for changes. Accepting their ideas gives them a feeling of being part of the process.

Involving people in a positive environment of collaboration will also make the implementation of changes more effective in terms of acceptance, speed and cost.

Manage change well by involving people and creating a positive environment for them to contribute to its success.

Ravi Patel

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