Are you a Pilot?

A business associate commented that pilots have unique skills that could be useful for managing companies or projects. Could that be applied to entrepreneurial companies?

Pilots when flying at 35,000 feet have a macro view of their surroundings in relation to their aircraft. While having this unique perspective, pilots also pay attention to the micro details, tasks and checklists to ensure that the plane takes off, flies and lands safely and at the correct destination.

Entrepreneurs could definitely use such skills for ”flying” their organizations. Having the macro vision is essential in flying the company to its final destination. At the same time it is also necessary to be aware of the details to ensure that company is on course and at the right speed to reach and land on schedule at its destination.

Entrepreneurs capably “piloting” their organizations is akin to flying!

Ravi Patel

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  1. I’m an instrument rated pilot, and I agree, broadly, with what you say here. Pilots also have a hierarchy of tasks to apply when things go bad and they start to get over- saturated with tasks. “Aviate, navigate, communicate” can apply to entrepreneurs, as well.

    One difference is, under certain flight rules, you must declare an alternative landing destination with your flight plan, if weather makes landing unsafe at your intended destination. Entrepreneurs, on the other hand, must “pivot” to an alternative that may be unknown when they start their business (flight).

    But there are many similarities between flying and business.

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