Collaborating with Unexpected Partners

In order to be successful Entrepreneurs might have to “partner” with unexpected parties. Keep an open mind.

Entrepreneurs cannot do everything themselves. Collaborating with their stakeholders – employees, customers, vendors, bankers, lawyers, and so on – is customary and expected.

However, there might be times when Entrepreneurs might have to partner (not necessarily in the legal sense) with parties that they might not normally do business with. Competitors are the most common category of such unexpected partners. Entrepeneurs should never close their mind to working with competitors for the right reasons. Even giants such as Apple, Microsoft, Yahoo, or Google collaborate with each other. The operating philosophy behind such partnerships should be that it is a win-win strategy for both parties.

There might be other unexpected parties – Government, research organizations, foreign companies and so on – that an Entrepreneur could collaborate with. Keep an open mind and explore the possibilities as long as it does not take your focus away from your Mission.

Ravi Patel


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