Retaining your Customers – A Different Approach

Customer and client retention should be an active focus of an Entrepreneur’s marketing strategy. Is it?

When asked as to why companies lose clients, the most common answer is “poor customer service.” Other issues are product/service quality and price. Are you aware as to why your company lost  a customer? Did you reach out to such customer/client or did they even contact you?

Do you have an active program monitoring your level of customer service and a business process of continually finding ways to enhance it? There are numerous programs that help to improve  customer service in all areas of your business.

Here is something different suggested Douglas Kolker (Summit Selling Systems, Inc.). How about sitting down with your key customers and clients and posing a question to them – what would they do if a competitor offered them a better price or an alternative product or service. Or, ask them if they would contact you if they were dissatisfied with your customer service or just leave.

If you have solid, open relationships with your key clients, you would want them to approach you with any dissatisfaction with your services or if competitors approach them. Give yourself an opportunity to retain these customers by a proactive approach rather than reacting to adverse situations. It might be too late to salvage relationships in the latter case.

Do the Right Things!

Ravi Patel

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