Reinforcing your Vision and Mission

Entrepreneurs – have you developed a Vision and Mission for your company? If so, that’s a great step one.

If not, you need to work on that. Since a lot of articles exist on how to develop a Vision and Mission Statement, I am not going to go into that here.

Having a defined Vision and Mission for your business is not enough. Communicating that to your leadership team and employees is crucial in order to obtain wide acceptance. The Vision and Mission that you developed is only a starting point, not the end.

Most Entrepreneurs, once aware of the need to do so, are diligent about developing their Mission and Vision. They even go through a formal process of publicizing it on their website and brochures and communicating it to their employees.

However, how often is the Mission reinforced to your stakeholders, especially your employees? If infrequently or none at all, there is a strong possibility that your overall business direction will be forgotten when your employees are deeply focusing on their daily tasks. Your Vision has to be their guiding principle too!

Reinforcing your Vision and Mission frequently is a necessary leadership step to ensure that the direction that your company should be moving towards is not forgotten.

Ravi Patel

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