Confronting a Crisis

Everyone faces a crisis situation once in a while. How do you deal with that crisis?

Some people choose to hide from a crisis and let others take charge. Others thrive on such situations because it gives them a rush and pumps them up. A few get too emotional.

Most successful people approach a crisis in a rational and deliberate manner. A crisis is no more than a high or critical priority management issue requiring situational leadership. Remaining calm and having a realistic plan to address the crisis is of paramount importance.

Input from other managers might be appropriate, but most often quick decisions are required to deal with the issues at hand. It is important to not only to develop a workable plan quickly, but also implement it fast to mitigate the potential damage. Flexible thinking is necessary and required changes to the original plan have to be swift.

Crisis situations always test Entrepreneurial leadership skills, but dealing with them effectively brings satisfaction and inspires employees.

Ravi Patel



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