Living to Fight Another Day

Entrepreneurs go through day-to-day crisis situations when building their companies while facing economic and governmental uncertainties in the market place.

Each day seems like a fight to survive so you can live for one more. This takes a lot of strain and toll on the Entrepreneurs and key employees. Some cannot bear the pressure and give up. The fighters bravely battle on and their persistence eventually pays off.

While crises face all Entrepreneurs, the ability to not only manage them when they happen, but also to reduce their frequency will allow the Entrepreneurs to “live” instead of “fight.”

Anticipating negative events and potential threats, planning to mitigate them, and implementing warning systems to alert you well in advance of the crisis will allow you to live more and fight less.

One cannot eliminate the occurrence of a crisis, but how well you learn to manage it will reduce the stress and allow you to live freely.

Ravi Patel


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