Entrepreneurs and Vacations

While speaking to many Entrepreneurs I often hear them saying that they have not taken a vacation in a while. WhenI probe further, they usually say that they cannot leave the business for the fear that things will fall apart.

It is understandable that when the company is starting out, Entrepreneurs need to stay focused on building the company. But even then taking a break, maybe not a full-fledged vacation, once in a while is necessary to recharge the batteries.

When the company has grown, Entrepreneurs should already be “Doing the Right Things” (see my post on this in November 2008). If so they should trust their people with doing things right. Then there is no reason that an Entrepreneur should feel reluctant to take a vacation.

Entrepreneurs should take vacations to bring balance in their lives and allow their people to grow and do the right things.

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Ravi Patel



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